The Lover’s Manifesto

The history of all hitherto existing relationships
Is the history of struggle.
A series of contradictions,
Antagonistic and passive,
That must be negated
By a society of two.
Each quantitative step that
Leads to rebellion has risks;
Risk of failure,
Alienation from the righteous cause,
Separation from of affairs
Of the heart.

A spectre is haunting humanity –
The spectre of love.
Two things result from this fact:
Love is acknowledged to be itself a power;
It is high time lovers publish
Their views, their aims, their tendencies,
Meet this fantasy of the spectre of love
With a Manifesto of the heart itself.

To this end, lovers of the world
Have assembled
To sketch the following Manifesto,
To be published in passionate, compassionate, heartfelt languages.


So, what do you think?

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