We Inherit the Revolution

We stand in the cold,
Raging hard against
Blind visions of a situation
More clear
Free from these belittling
These influences which we
Counter with
White sticks,
Glass bottles,
Conic papers with buds
Ground whiteness,
Grasping desperately for
A change
To bring us to the light,
Because, as Huey said,

The Revolution
Has always been in the hands
Of the young.


One thought on “We Inherit the Revolution

  1. I *love* this… I really do… And more’s the shame that so few people really care, or can even read… The ‘behaviors’ about which you write proliferate precisely because people don’t start getting “concerned” until *it* happens to them; until *it* cramps their style; or until *it* is problematic for them… But back to literacy… When people can’t read, their options are much more limited… They don’t even know that they have options… And they’re less likely to “question policy”… This leaves me thinking about the Rev. Martin Niemoller’s famous (among the literate, that is…) piece, “First They Came…”. But then, Spartacus though not “literate,” was brilliant… He knew something was ‘wrong’… And there still is…


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