Silk and Perfume

Dust and cigarette butts scuff
The bottom of my shoes
As I stagger through concrete palaces
To lie at your feet.

I dream of days spent walking
Through fields of flowers,
Beauty second only to the
Living, breathing painting

That I married to my heart.
Chains of silk and perfume
Shackle my tongue to your desire,
Destined to say only three words –

“I love you”, the phrase that enslaves,
You sweet overseer with lashes of pain and pleasure
As I fall with reckless abandon into the arms
Of my tortured, nurtured soul.

Tears stream from blissful visions of
Hope and passion and loss and pain
As the strains of existence
Pile down on me,

I glue back the pieces of my love
that breaks every time you’re gone,
Pushing myself back up this hill
To see the sun again.

Light beats down upon our faces as
Once again I see you,
Reflections of all I hold close
Filling my leaking mind,

My coarse, broken features
Contrast the soft glow I
so long for, tearing my sense
Of worth

Into fragments I can place in
Your purse, held in trust that
Can only be explained by the force of

Fires burn throughout the fiefdom
You control, as I attack all things
that will damage me, damage you,
Breaking open

A world where the only concerns and
Matters revolve around the
Chains that bind me to



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