Imperialism Matters

I support my troops.
Waving their red flags,
With their black masks,
They bring their struggle
To the doorstep of their
Invaders, their occupiers,
Leading cadre after cadre
to beat down the heavy
door of
Oppression, subjugation,
I support the liberators –
The People –
Who saw the
bright sun of freedom
Who took the power back
Into their own hands;
In Africa, Asia, Latin America –
Ireland, Palestine, Vietnam, Cuba, Angola –
I support my troops
Who have fought
To be free.


5 thoughts on “Imperialism Matters

  1. I personally think that war should not have begun in the first place. Honestly if the masses would think of it, our earth has a vast quantity of resources that could support the whole mankind living on it.

    Yet again there are people who still live in the dog-eat-dog mentality which sucks.


    On a lighter note. I liked the poetry sir.

    K.W. Villa


    1. As long as there are those being oppressed by imperial occupation, it must be resisted – only then can the work of truly ending war be undertaken.
      Thanks for the comment.


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