Worse Things Happen At Sea

In between the sheets my thoughts
used to cry to the darkness where
once your tired body fell.
Lonely hours, spent dreaming
impossibly with closed open eyes.
The fate of a mind lost at sea.

The dawn’s shore was nowhere and
nothing to drink but salt water.
Craving was that sweet nectar,
Heavy fragrance that burned
without falling tears, sugar
to cleanse cracked lips.

Years passed, unnoticed and alone,
Searching for a crack in the clouds.
I missed even the sand as it
tickled my worn feet,
Holding the warmth so gently
for the one wrapped up in their self.

But the dawn comes. It always did.
The darkness of the past had hung
like a shadow, suicidal sad,
Before the ever-loving sun as it
rose like being free, and I,
I saw it at first smiling for me.

worse things happen at sea


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