Remember the screams that
burst from open windows,
Fire in locked jungles and
rubble piled with bodies.

Remember the howling skies
occupied by diving steel,
Sirens calling back and forth,
Columns burned to the streets.

Remember, citizens,
This side of the street
is safer during shelling,
Avoid uncovered glass.

Remember rumbling stomachs
as warehouses filled by
grain burning slowly fell
between artillery positions.

Remember miles and miles
of mud, Moscow to Madrid,
Covering helmets of men
who kissed goodbye on the cross.

Remember to advance
forwards, wood to shoulder,
Never bowing down to the
hisses as they pass.

Remember to do your duty
for your motherland and
for the man beside you and
hold firm the line.

Remember their names,
Remember how they fell,
Remember how many and
Remember why.



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