Ocean’s Heaven

When I am sad, cooped up
in office, or house, or trapped
by feet on the pavement,
I let my thoughts drift to the sea.
The distant rumble of ships
as they cut the crest of waves,
groaning weight of the world
heaved from river to shore,
cast out with aimless winds
to traverse the hidden earth.
I feel the crash of hard water
softened by a rising foam,
the sea that beats and beats
against protective walls,
sheets waving behind the calm.
I remember how the vibrations
pulled through steel frames
to my toes, swaying side to side,
and the wind carrying the gulls
pulling love’s hair every which way.
Salt taste touching my lips
as we were caught in the spray
of the wild waters crossing.
The sudden sight of land that
burst from thundering waves
against the deep blue horizon.
The relief of stable land where,
hand in hand, I wobbled down
damp concrete path to a new world
with open heart.

When I am sad, I let my thoughts
drift, and with eyes raised,
call out to the absent sky –
how can I reach the sea?


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